Creating Your First Bot

For this guide we will be building a simple bot that repeats what the user sends to it. Before we begin you will need to use the “Installation” Guide, to create a new EchoBot project.

Hello World

Currently our code in our index.js looks something like this:

const Bottr = require('bottr')
const BottrApp = require('bottr-app')
const bot = new Bottr.Bot()

bot.use(new BottrApp())

In order to get our bot to respond to our messages we need to describe what it should do. In this example we will get it to reply with ‘Hello World’ for each message the user sends.

On the first line we listen out for a message_received event triggered when we receive a message and then on the second line we tell the bot to reply with a message.

This code should go before the call to listen

bot.on('message_received', function(message, session) {
  session.send('Hello World')

Testing it out

If you followed this guide correctly your index.js should now look like this:

const Bottr = require('bottr');
const bot = new Bottr.Bot();

bot.on('message_received', function(message, session) {
  session.send('Hello World')


If you now run bottr start, open localhost:3000 in your browser and send the bot a message it should reply with “Hello World”.

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